Friday, 6 April 2012



Could you predict how to encounter your desirable person in your own life? 
The thing is, it happens every time and forming 'on and off' situation. 
Sometimes, you know this person like the queen of your imagination , present herself like no one else can predict, however you are stunned, unable to step and to enter the line of decisive braveness. 

How could you leak the liquid of happiness when you are so afraid to face , or even to admire her. 
Sweetness and sincere, both mixed, and I have no capacity even to touch nor to lay my finger upon both of her best personality.

No one can replace her, but who am i to predict?

Fly, and one day I will present myself in front of you, stating the world-famous-three-word. 
I have no capacity to predict. 
I have capacity to put an effort. 

Kelvin Tan

Friday, 20 January 2012


25 and here I am.

There will be a time that you need to stop. and looking back to see how progressive you are. How sensitive you are, how mature you are, how bad you are, how good you are, and how blur you are.

Time to time, people expect something better in their life,and the good news is paths are provided.

The bad news is? You need to find the right path.

One wrong step and you will find your life ruined or at least wasting a couple of years.

Beware that time is your currency in this life.
Deposits of 86,400 seconds added and lost every single day.

19th January 2012 I have used 2,160,000 seconds in my life.

The question is, how will you spend your deposits?

Products are : relationship, money, or other life's aspect.

Be wise.

Because I haven't .

and not proud yet.

Kelvin Tan

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Realistic Relationship

most of the people expects to have a good relationship with others
a husband expect to have a good understanding with his wife..
a woman always expect her boyfriend to love her.
a son always says :" my dad always care for me. He always love me."

But i have to say that those kind of relationship is unrealistic..
no matter how good people to you, how loving your wife to you, how care your parents to you, at some point, most likely, they will disappoint you. They will hurts your feeling.

unfortunately, when they makes some mistakes, we responded wrongly.
we tends to avoid them ,treat them like they irritates you..
and we focusing on their mistakes and weaknesses.

you have to give them a room to make a mistake. You have to give them a grace to be a human. They are not perfect, yet they did many mistakes.

I want to encourage you to overlook their weaknesses. Learn to look on their positive sides.. try that to your best friend that hurt you or your girlfriend that hurts your feelings, and you'll find a thousand positive sides of them and just a few negative sides.

I know sometimes is irritating..
Try to ask God to give you strength and patience in your relationship.
you always needs to involves God into your relationship.

Reaching Highest Potential

1st published in my blog in March 2008. 

It is easy to get stuck in our life. When we feel that we will never be more talented than the meantime and when we think that we have reached our limit. That is very untrue.
There are gifts and talent that you have not discovered. There is a hidden treasure buried on the inside.
When God created you, He is not only breathes His life into you, but He deposited a part of Himself into you. He put in you everything you need to fulfill your destiny. On the inside, you have seeds of greatness waiting to take roots and blossoms.

If we are going to step in to this hidden treasure, we have to have a pioneering spirits. Do not die with the treasure still buried. You have to unlock the treasures. You have talents and abilities that have not yet come out. My challenge to you: Do not die with the treasures still buried. We have to release the treasures.

Sometimes God will give you the exciting opportunities. May be one of you will be pointed as musician leader, new position of job, new career, or head of some certain projects..

Unfortunately, very often, we responds it in wrong way. Most of us will say,” I feel that I am not qualified”. “I have no talent in that fields”, “I am so nervous”, “I have no experience enough”.

You might feels that you can't do that, but when you step in that faith, God will help you and that is the time when the treasures will be unlocked and released. That is the only way to discover a new gift and talents that locked inside your body.

You have to step out of your “comfort zone” and step in to the “faith zone”.

Love in Past Continuous tense

In most attractive and most mesmerizing way, Love can be both attractive and long lasting. This mixed of emotional and empathy feeling are the main essence in every aspects of relationship in human life.

1st Love happened in my life was about 8-9 years ago.
cheesy, emotional, expressive, nostalgic, and glorious day to remember.
Unfortunately, Childish mindset with a bit arrogance ruined everything, and makes me think that I was the most stupid person in the world for the last 7 years.

The worst thing is : I am still waiting.
The absence of Logic reasoning has written deeply in my brain since long time ago. Bundled with fear and fool, both of this elements and long-distant situation makes everything perfect for us to be separated. Tear me down to the level that so low I can barely to move on.

Life goes on, for sure.
This is one statement.

have you moved on?
That's a question.

A tough one.

Monday, 5 September 2011


A man have two choices in this life: High status Employee or Business Owner.
The contradictory of two choices above leaves us in paradox(ed) mind.. Risk and Security, Limited and Limitless, Stable and fluctuate, stagnant and dynamic.

High status employee presents us some high-style suit of man walking down the hall, charismatic, yet charming, with double suite jacket , shining shoes, and proud face. Periodically earned the same number of dollars, provided with many life-security packages (insurance, stock, car, or even house), and secured. Whether you are on-form in your career or you are out-form your sales statistic, you are still the man with the same number.
Yet, you have someone you call : Boss.

Business Owner : It's dynamic. limitless account, or in other words : you decide what you will earn. You are the boss. you are the business owner and the risk owner. Performing well in the business is a-must-scenario, or else , you will be labelled with one of the most famous terms in failure dictionary : Bankrupt.
you outshine everyone with your luck (luck is the condition when good preparation meets good opportunity), and you earned limitless number of dollars.

Tough choice, I have to admit. Both of the ideas are not easy to conquer.

Then , people came up with this bright idea: to perform both of the paths gradually.
You work with certain company, you save the income you earned, you use the income to start your own business and equipped with knowledge, skills, and what-so-ever as your major resources to fulfill your entrepreneurship demand.

Looking at me now ..
Mediocre with nametag hanged on my shirt, earn mid-class income, and surely under someone I called : boss. By this condition, then I looked up on my same-level-age friend, with his/her entrepreneurship skill, successfully earned until 5-6 or even 10 times than me.

sad? regret? The only question came up with this fact is not about how you have to pursue the-10x-income-generator. It's about : Am I on the Right Path?

Bias ,isn't it?

I am now running as an executive representative of International logistic company. No subject other than Logistic can impress me this much.
I am working under someone I call : boss. Which in this condition, I view her as one of the smartest person in the industry, respected, wise, and the best mentor I've ever known.
I am working under one environment that provide flood-level of information and knowledge of almost all type of industries.

And lead me with one simple thought that end all my dilematic journey :
Do something that you are really passionate about. Something you love very much, and it will all be worth it.
and if one day I have to build my own business, it will be something that I love very much.

and then, like one of the most famous cartoon-movie in the world has advised me :
Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is mystery, and today is a gift ; that's why it called present.
The clocks are running, makes the most of today.

*Bias is an inclination to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of (possibly equally valid) alternatives. Bias can come in many forms.

Friday, 26 March 2010

My life and whatsoever

I was thinking...

Quietly, in front of my desktop.
I was thinking about the past.
when I was in primary, Kindergarten, Junior High schools, and so on..

Have you heard about the contradiction of life-thinking in human ?
When we were a little we want to grow, and when we have grown we longed to be a little.

Yes, that is exactly what I feels now.
I have grown up. with 2-3double-k IDR and many business in my hand.
I am still looking for a job, though.

But, when I look back to my past and I was thinking "is this the life I expect when I was a little?"

well I hope so.

This is the fact :

I was entering One social organization , everyone supports me to do great things in there. I have done many good things and proudly leading some events. I have formed some group and I have maintain it for 1 year or so.
But now? I have never attended the group, and instantly the group was gone now.
I failed to do the projects that under my responsibility.
And now, I know that I will never be trusted again and back to point zero.

I am just afraid that .. I havent made and will not take any steps for a long time.
I saw my friends in great path and steps. They are steady, finding themselves comfortable with their speciality. some of them have done great things while some of them still growing.

And look the place where I sit now.. at home. jobless. with failed business in my hand.

Sometimes, I just want to be back into my child age.
Sometimes, I just want to play my life like video games. with the reset button ready-to-push if you failed.